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Stay in the zone

Do you find yourself leaving your text editor to save quick backups of the code or prose you write?

SourceNote runs in the background, allowing you to press Copy (⌘+C) twice from any application to save a permanent note without interrupting your train of thought.

// I might need this code later!
python3 -m http.server
Dear David,
Thanks for your message the other day
License Key
67 ./configure --prefix=/usr/local && make && make install
68 history
// I might need this code later! // // I could comment it out and leave it, or create // a new document and copy it there... but // SourceNote is quicker, easier, and searchable. export function availableMove(puzzle, square) { const { size, empty } = puzzle; const squareIndex = getIndex(puzzle, square); const emptyIndex = getIndex(puzzle, empty); const canMove = movableSquares(puzzle).includes(square); if (canMove && squareIndex - size === emptyIndex) return 'up'; if (canMove && squareIndex + size === emptyIndex) return 'down'; if (canMove && squareIndex - 1 === emptyIndex) return 'left'; if (canMove && squareIndex + 1 === emptyIndex) return 'right'; return 'none'; }

Achieve zen

It can be hard to work in a cluttered environment. So get those commented lines out of your way by stashing them in SourceNote!

// for (index, note) in notes.enumerated() {
// Swift.print(index, note.body)
// app.use(compression())
// app.use(express.static(paths.dist))
# node compiler/core/src/ workspace swift workspace/ studio/LonaStudio/Generated/ --framework=appkit
/* type parameterAssignmentMode =
| Initialized
// vec2 texel = 1.0 / resolution.xy;
// vec2 uv = fragCoord.xy / resolution.xy;
// for (index, note) in notes.enumerated() { // Swift.print(index, note.body) // }

Find that one thing

You know, the thing you always have to look up.

Yeah, build commands should be automated, passwords should go in password managers, and you should have memorized the standard library by now...

Anyway, SourceNote has search.

node ../Lona/compiler/core/src/ workspace swift Lona/ SourceNote/Generated/ --framework=appkit
node index.js --app puzzle --scripts-version 1.11.1
278 yarn
279 node src/
node ../Lona/compiler/core/src/ workspace swift Lona/ SourceNote/Generated/ --framework=appkit


I wrote SourceNote to improve my own programming workflow.

Often as I'm writing code, I'll spend 10-20 minutes writing a function, and only afterwards I'll realize I don't need the code I just wrote! At that point, what do I do with the function? I could delete it, but what if I need it later? I could put it in an empty document, but then my unsaved files build up over time.

SourceNote solves this problem for me. SourceNote is essentially a curated clipboard history — I can copy the function into SourceNote and delete it from my codebase, confident that I'll be able to find it again if I ever need it.

I've been using SourceNote every day since I wrote it, so I decided to release it for anybody else with a similar workflow. Let me know if you like it!

Devin Abbott
Author of SourceNote


What people are saying about SourceNote:

No more worrying about stashing code snippets away in comments or notes or dark corners of git! I can just yank code to SourceNote and know it's safe and easy to find.
Anthony Accomazzo
Software Architect & Author
It feels good having a backup of the code that I copy to my clipboard. Normally I'm extra careful after cutting something and before I paste it, since I have to remember not to accidentally copy something else. SourceNote gives me one less thing to worry about while I work.
Nora Tarano
Frontend Engineer @ Airbnb
This is so cool and easy to use!
Néna Nguyen
Product Designer @ Cloudflare
I love not having to break my train of thought to back up a piece of code or a quick note.
Gabe Grazier G'Sell
Software Developer
Just came across SourceNote, tried it for 5 minutes and immediately purchased a copy! Amazing little tool. Thanks for building it!
Marcel Voss
iOS Developer

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